Moly Warning

11 March 2004
By Ron Gaitten

Over the last several months I have poured many hours of extensive research into this issue. I have spoken with nearly every manufacturer in the industry, and read every publication I could find. Many of the high end manufacturers made comments such as these, "I would never run moly coated bullets through my guns," "Not in a million years would I use moly coated bullets," "moly conditioned barrels shoot std copper bullets very poorly," " moly is nearly impossible to remove." The manufacturers that didn't make a derogatory comment made one something like this, "we have no comment." Winchester refused to comment on several e-mails I sent addressing this issue, but replied to every other product question I submitted (Hmm). The most telling quote was "moly is something we all got caught up in way too fast, before any real world data could be collected, and we are all paying the price for it now." Moly does have some good properties, however I do not believe they justify the risk.

Please send any comments/insights to me, we are all in this together. Remember the folks who created this technology didn't do it with the intent to harm anything. We don't have an FDA of firearms. Lots of hit and miss things have come down the pike. That's the nature of what we do. Special thanks to the staffs of Nosler, Krieger Barrels, and HS-Precision for their assistance and honesty, not to mention their incredible products.

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