Place to Shoot: Lone Star Gun Range
Up to 415 Yards
Bosuq County, Texas


our ranges offer 2 sniper towers:

  • 325 yards from a 14' high tower that will shoot 6 snipers at once or 4 snipers and 4 observers at once,
  • an 8 foot tower that shoots down to 415 yards that will hold one sniper and one observer,
  • a concrete deck that shoots up to 8 shooters or 4 snipers/4 observers shooting down to 200 yards...
  • a wooden shooting bench that shoots 8 shooters down to 185 yards and
  • a concrete 1 sniper bench with 1 observer and
  • a down prone sniper and observer deck that shoots to 100 and 165 yards...
  • Another deck that is 4 foot high that shoots 6 shooter and observers shooting down to 100-125, 140 and 220 yards.

    Law Enforcement Educators USA Training Academy
    Carl C. Chandler, Jr. Criminologist-Criminal Profiler-Sniper,
    D.P.S./T.C.L.E.O.S.E./N.R.A. Law Enforcement Instructor
    Texas CHL Instructor

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