BadLands Tactical Training Facility Sniper Match
26 to 28 April 2002

12 June 2002
By Sarge

Well, lets see where to start! First off this was my first ever rifle match and I had absolutely NO idea what to expect! Not exactly NO idea, I've read about other matches on the DR, but this being my first... well you get the idea!

My regular spotter/observer wasn't available so the good folks at BadLands paired me with another "single". This turned out to be my saving grace!! Yariv Har is a Reservist in the Israeli Defence Forces and one HELL of a good shooter and spotter!! Hey the guys at BadLands trained him so that says it all! OK enough BS lets get to the Match.

22 teams where at the in-briefing on the WET, COLD, WINDY morning of the 26th in the Community Centre of "beautiful" Grandfield, Oklahoma. Actually when it isn't wet, cold and – hey Bobby when is it NOT windy there? – Grandfield is a nice little farming community in Southwestern Oklahoma about 20 miles Northeast of Wichita Falls, Texas and 40 miles Southwest of Lawton/Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. The gathered "troops" where in for a treat! The briefing included a run down of some of the situations/events we MAY encounter! As in most matches there is a KIMS game – LISTEN UP match organizers: this is GOOD.

This KIMS game, unlike others I've encountered was GOOD – if ANY KIMS game can be called GOOD! Without giving up anything I'll just say that it was REALITY BASED and worth every bit of the time we spent doing it! Other events included: Range Estimation/Target Detection – "affectionately" called Hide and Seek, Unknown Distance shooting – at least 2 different events, Night Fire – OH THIS was FUN!, Cold Bore Engagements – you wouldn't have believed this one!, Moving Target Engagement courtesy of the Raoulmobile, Positional Shooting, Hostage Engagement – this was REAL NASTY, 10 Shot Speed Drill, Known Distance Engagements and the Run and Gun – RUN that's what I quit doing that when I retired from the US Army!

We where split into Squads A & B so everyone was doing something all the time and not standing around waiting and waiting and oh yea we didn't do much of that! Really!

Day 1

I won't go into what who did when cause honestly I don't remember where we were when and it really doesn't make any difference! Let's just say it was – gee didn't I say this before – WET, COLD, WINDY and just plain nasty, a Match organizer's dream!

OH something I forgot! Ever seen RED Oklahoma dirt turn into VERY RED, Oklahoma MUD!! So on top of everything else we dealt with MUD, MUD and MORE MUD! Check out the pictures!

And with all this weather stuff we dealt with we had to SHOOT... interesting concept! Needless to say we did survive and made it into Day 2.

Day 2

Now if Day 1 was wet, cold, windy etc. Day 2 was HOT, DRY – well as dry as it could be; at least it wasn't raining - left over MUD and WIND! Hot enough a lot of us got sunburned! Hey if you ever want a real education in wind reading take a course at BadLands... you'll get it!! Well we were off and shooting! This day ended with the Night Fire and man was it DARK!! The ranges at BadLands are WAY AWAY from anything approaching lights and it started off as a moonless night. Targets were "illuminated" but I ain't saying nutin else!! Long day, long night but DAMN it was FUN!

Day 3

We finished off with some long-range work and the Run and Gun... figure it out, it's just what it says!

About 1430 we had the Awards Presentation. Terry Cross (of KMW – Long Range Solutions – and Pod-Loc fame - god what a cheap plug) and his partner Kevin took First Place Team, Ryan and Craig from the Ardmore OK PD took Second Place Team and Danny and Jeff took Third Place. There were also awards for 1st through 3rd Individual and Jay Martin – THANKS JAY - donated a rifle as a Door Prize, which was won by John Cranford, Congratulations John!

Oh how did Yariv and I do? About in the middle of the pack 12th I believe, so for a couple guys never met until the morning of the Match and our first ever Match we didn't do too bad!

Now to the down and muddy err... I'm mean dirty! Was the Match good... NO it was not. It was GREAT!!! Did we all have a good time... NO! We had a FANTASTIC time! Would I go back for another Match... BETTER believe it!! Bobby you did say you were going to do another in September didn't you! Consider me THERE!

A BIG THANKS, to Bobby, Steve, Mikey and all the others that made this Match a complete success!! See you in September – maybe before!!

More photos
  • The Raoulmobile used for movers.
  • More of the wet firing line.
  • And some more.
  • And just to show that the sun does shine, from time to time.
  • And even some more!
  • Part of the scoresheets.
  • And the rest of the scoresheets.
  • Then you get those who are too lazy to walk...
  • ...even in such ideal conditions!
  • Looking at the targets.
  • More of the targets.
  • Some of them far away.
  • And others quite interesting.
  • Engaging some targets...
  • all manners ...
  • ...from all places .
  • Hey!! Where'd THAT one go?!?
  • Sure? Which one's mine?
  • I promise you!! The wind moved that shot!
  • You want me to go up where!?

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