Sniper Country's response to the Maryland Murders

10 October 2002
By Sniper Country Staff

In light of the recent murders in the Metropolitan DC area, Sniper Country has received, as expected, a certain amount of email traffic from those who appear to be misguided in their understanding of the purpose of this site. As is typical when tragedy and fear strike, people look for scapegoats to vent their understandable anguish. Contrary to what some might think, Sniper Country is not a how-to site for the deranged criminal bent on murder. The site is not the Anarchist Cookbook. Make no mistake; while the media currently loves to bandy about the term SNIPER in relationship to the murders in Maryland and Virginia, the truth is they are MURDERS committed by a serial killer, not a SNIPER. As we have always maintained, a true sniper is a soldier fighting for his nation or a law enforcement officer intent on saving lives. Both are heroes of unrecognized proportions, doing a hard, miserable job in the name of the people they have sworn to protect. In both roles, the individual behind the trigger intends to save the lives of his fellow countryman by either depriving the enemy freedom of action or by ending a situation in which a criminal threatens the lives of innocent civilians. In both cases the primary role of the sniper is to SAVE lives. The person committing the crimes in Maryland fits neither definition and is at best, a second rate murderer with a God complex. A coward in the truest sense of the word.

For those new visitors of the site as a result of media attention, those who are "shocked" that something like this can exist, you need to become a little more educated on the shooting sports before you waste your efforts emailing vitriolic garbage at those who dedicate their time to the site. We understand your current mental plight and we share your anger over the current situation, but you show your ignorance when you spout vehemence at us because Sniper Country exists. The information found here on Sniper Country can be found in many places; historical works, novels, and factual articles on military and law enforcement sniping efforts. Most of all, the information found within can be read in any work dealing with long range competitive target shooting or learned at any range. There are no secrets to shooting at long distance nor is there any threat by posting this information. Any hunter or competitive shooter is able to hit a target at distance. But only a psychopath would go forth to harm his fellow citizens as is currently happening in Maryland. If you are one of those weak-minded individuals who are unable to differentiate between the tool and the person pulling the trigger, you are also most likely one of those equally weak-minded persons who has to desperately find blame in others for the actions of one troubled and hateful soul. To put it plainly, you can not blame this site, books, the world wide web, recorded history, or any other form of the written word for the actions of a sick and twisted criminal who chooses to use his ability to harm others.

The site does not promote killing nor is it a training area for the deranged. This site has helped competitive shooters, law enforcement officers, and military personnel to meet like-minded individuals for the purpose of education and friendship. It has allowed law enforcement personnel who share a tuff job to exchange ideas on how they might better protect the public. If you are anti-gun in your politics there is no help for you and we do not apologize if you feel shocked by this site's existence. Our nation has a long and honorable history in firearms and the current political correctness aside, firearms have been at the heart and soul of the success of this nation. You can choose to blind yourself to that fact, but that is your problem, not ours.

Simply put, if you do not wish to view the material within, go elsewhere. Thankfully in this country we do have freedom of speech, where disparate groups like PETA and Ducks Unlimited can both freely express their views without regret or fear of reprisal. That freedom has been paid for in blood by those who have chosen liberty over life. If your own level of self denial is such that you think free speech should be curtailed because of incidents like that happening in Maryland, then you have no concept of just how valuable this freedom has been in your ability to live life unencumbered by those who think they know what is best for you. Only your hubris and narrow-mindedness can allow you to condemn this site as a result of some murdering crack-pot in Maryland. We can no more apologize for the existence of this site than you can for your apparent ignorance of what our freedoms mean.

Finally, we mourn the loss of those innocent individuals so cheated of life by the murderer in Maryland. Our hearts go out to the family members who have to live through this greatest of tragedies. We pray for the officers tasked with the capture of the criminal. Their success is inevitable. For unlike a real sniper, this murderer, this coward, will eventually crow about his deeds in an effort to make himself feel important.

The Sniper Country staff.

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