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19 November 2000
By Scott Powers

You are a law enforcement sniper

You may be the ONLY sniper on your force or you may be lucky enough to have a team of qualified individuals at your side. You may be a sniper team leader, or the unit commander. You may be the individual in charge of the force and looking for a way to learn about the snipers under your care. In some cases your background may be limited to nothing more than being the only avid hunter on the force or hopefully, you have been sent to various training facilities and given basic or advanced training in the art. You may be a highly trained individual or one who was simply handed the task because you fit a profile and the need existed.

You are a military sniper

You have been extensively trained. You may be retired. You may be active. You may have ETS'd out of the service but still have an active interest in your old vocation and a willingness to trade thoughts and training ideas with others. Your skills and intelligence need not go to waste.

You are an experienced trainer

Skilled in the art of tactical shooting, and familiar with the latest equipment in the field. You may want to better understand the needs of your students and how the training effects their job performance.

All of you may be wondering if there exists a way for you to stay in touch with fellow duty slotted snipers or qualified individuals in a private format, away from the public eye. Snipers, both men and women, who have the need to stay on top of developments and want to keep in touch with their peers, finally have a place to go. This place allows them to comment freely on topics ranging from simple ballistics to legal issues that you may not wish to air in so public a format as Sniper Country's Duty Roster or others like it. This list is called SNIPERSONLINE. While Sniper Country provides you with a way to interact with others of like mind, and allows ALL those interested in the topic to stay in touch via the Roster, SNIPERSONLINE is an exclusive list for LE and military personnel, active trainers and individuals who work to advance the art. Individuals who have a need to ask questions of their peers that they may not feel free to openly discuss on a public forum. Keith Deneys, a sniper trainer and police officer, created this list for the benefit of the sniper community at large.

While web sites like Sniper Country provide an excellent source for disseminating general knowledge and expanding a positive public awareness for the legitimate sniper, their formats only allow one to say so much, and only in a generic way. SNIPERSONLINE on the other hand is limited to your active duty peers or those individuals fully qualified and trained and currently working, like you, in your vocation. It allows you a certain freedom of expression not available in a public format. We at Sniper Country understand that sometimes when you need information, you are reluctant to ask in an open forum. Some information is proprietary and for LE use only. Some of it is simply of a sensitive nature and best dealt with within the community. The SNIPERSONLINE e-mailing list allows you to access this information and make valuable contacts within your field. SNIPERSOLINE benefits the Sniper Community by providing them with a way to keep one another abreast of new developments in tactics and trade in training tips and experiences.

Members of the list have been able to greatly help one another with numerous training ideas, hard to find information, lessons learned, and examples of how to avoid pitfalls on the job. The list is continually growing as more in the sniper community learn of it. If sniping is part of your job description, you owe it to yourself to check the list out.

We at Sniper Country will always welcome you to our site, and appreciate your generous sharing of knowledge. We are humbled to be able to provide you with a way to meet others in your vocation and we are very happy when you can learn something from our thousands of readers, many of which have incredible and varied talents in the fields of marksmanship and gunsmithing. But we can not provide you with the one thing that at times you may need most, a private forum consisting solely of your peers. Keith Deneys has done a great job creating a venue just for you. Once you are cleared for the list, you are kept in touch with an expanding number of individuals that face the same trials and tribulations you face each day. You will receive emails on a regular basis from duty slotted individuals who share your desire to be the best at their job. In turn you can share your knowledge with others. The Sniper Community needs to remain a close knit group. It is often misunderstood and misrepresented. SNIPERSONLINE now gives you a way to stay in touch with your peers without the worry of being misunderstood.

The list is restricted to those that have an active interest in the field. Snipers, team leaders, commanders, trainers, and individuals of advantage to the field are all invited to apply for the list. Only after receiving an application with proof of who they are (police or military ID, etc...) will a member be considered for acceptance into the list community. This procedure helps to keep the list secure. By assuring that only those that have a need are on the list, the members may feel free to have open discussions of topics and tactics.

To become a member of the list, send a written request to the below address outlining your desire and qualifications. The written request is required to maintain the security of the list. Once accepted you will be sent a message to confirm your email address. You send back a reply stating that the software has the right address and you're in. Dive in and enjoy.

Send your application to:
4274 Highview Circle, Suite 500
Pulaski, WI 54162

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