The Cajun Sniper
By Wayne Talley

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12 July 2004
By Sarge

Yes, folks for those of you that have been around the circuit a time or two you recognize Wayne's name. He is a civilian, and one of us!! I hadn't known Wayne was a writer and when he said he was sending a couple of his books as prizes for SniperQuest 2004, I said "What book"?? Well Wayne sent me a copy and now I know!

Well this is a complete work of fiction, but gee some of the crawling around sounds familiar! His technical points, are of course, right on, they had better be! Well so I don't give away anything in the book I'll just quote the write-up on the back cover.

"In the international sniper arena, a crafty Cajun named Jacques Boudreaux is the master. When a crime organization wants to silence a lady friend of Boudreaux's past, she summons him for help. He holds true to the friendship code of the Louisiana Bayou. Using his deadly art, he becomes a predator and enacts the swamp's brutal justice system. Boudreaux completes his mission, but the fight of his life awaits him. Unknowingly, his escapade also kills the lucrative revenue source of a powerful and corrupt New Orleans individual. A well-financed and highly trained unit of shooters is dispatched to eliminate Boudreaux. The overconfident rogue unit quickly learns the simple Cajun is a worthy adversary".

Once you learn to pronounce the Cajun names the book rolls on, non-stop!

Wayne has written a novel that any long-range shooter will enjoy. The technical aspects will be recognized as fact and none of this "expert" crap we see in other books but down in the dirt nitty gritty like it is!

Read the book!

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