Crosshairs on the Kill Zone
American Combat Snipers, Vietnam Through Operation Iraqi Freedom
By Craig Roberts and Charles W. Sasser

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25 August 2004
By Sarge

From the jungles of Vietnam to the deserts of Iraqi American snipers have been an never-ending threat to the enemy. They watch, they wait and when the time is right ...

This book is first-hand stories of snipers; Marine and Army, from Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Beirut, Somalia, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom etc. are all covered.

This isn't your typical sniper book as it adds a very personal touch to what a lot of these guys were about. If you've been around the "community" for any time at all a few names in this book will be familiar to you, even know a couple folks personally.

Roberts and Sasser have another good book to their credit.

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