Dangerous Game
By Don Hollway

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22 August 2004
By Sarge

Africa. Big game hunting. Army style. In this as yet unpublished manuscript Don tells the story of a Delta Force sniper that has major troubles in the streets of Mogadishu. In the aftermath he leaves the army but returns to Africa. As Don puts it "This is NOT Hemingway's Africa"! Drugs, corruption, wealthy man with his own private army, beautiful ex-Spetnaz sniper and ... well heck I ain't gonna tell you the whole story!!

Somali warlord, Kenyan government officials, CIA gee them AGAIN and real animal wildlife, and that's just the first few chapters!

But as I said it is so far un-published. BUT you can read parts on the following web-site: www.dangerousgame.com

Once you've read some of the chapters you'll be as hooked as I was and want MORE!!! This is a darn fine read!!!

So if you're REAL interested contact Don don@donhollway.com and I KNOW he'll keep you up-dated on the publishing and who will offer it and when.

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