Dead Center
A Marine Sniper's Two-Year Odyssey in the Vietnam War
By Ed Kugler

21 October 1999
By Sarge

I read numerous books as part of my "education" in long range shooting. Many of them are "How to" books, some are historical, some fiction. This book is a no nonsense, I was there, historical book. I've read several books on snipers in Vietnam but this book as a first person, been there did that, has no equal! I'm going to quote several pieces from this book as the author and whoever did the PR stuff on the back cover say it a whole lot better than I ever could!

From the back cover:

Raw, straightforward, and powerful, Ed Kugler's account of his two years as a Marine scout-sniper in Vietnam vividly captures his experiences there - the good, the bad, and the ugly. After enlisting in the Marines at seventeen, then being wounded in Santo Domingo during the Dominican crisis, Kugler arrived in Vietnam in early 1966.

As a new sniper with the 4th Marines, Kugler picked up bush skills while attached to 3d Force Recon Company, and then joined the grunts. To take advantage of that experience, he formed the Rogues, a five-sniper team that hunted the Co Bi-Than Tan Valley for VC and NVA. His descriptions of long, tense waits, sudden deadly action, and NVA countersniper ambushes are fascinating.

In DEAD CENTER, Kugler demonstrates the importance to a sniper of patience, marksmanship, bush skills and guts - while underscoring exactly what a country demands of its youth when it sends them to war.

I was going to quote some more of Ed's book but when I started to write then re-read what I've already written I decided against writing more. The only thing I can say is - if you have ever been to war, ever been shot at, ever fired a shot in anger you WILL remember this book!

Ed this is one HELL of a book!!!

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