Fall Of Freedom
By D. Michael Phillips

23 March 1999
By Sarge

Well this book has been a LONG time in the review process and for this I sincerely apologize. Being from New Mexico this book held some special interest for me as I know where most of this story takes place. This is Michael's first novel and he has given us a very worthwhile political satire with more than a fair share of action/adventure thrown in.

In his book we find a Special Forces sniper and his spotter on assignment - or are they?? There are several sections in the book which involve the marksmanship of these two characters. The book is supposed to take place in the "near future" ( 20 years from now ) in and around the Santa Fe area terrorized by guerillas, with a former President exiled to the Ozarks by the current "sinister, power-hungry" President. As an aside this little story line between the two Presidents was almost worth a whole book in itself!

Anyway this is not the "normal" type of book most of us are used to seeing reviewed here but if you're looking for some decent reading that does include our type of shooting, and more twists to the plot than you could ask for this is it!

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