Inside the Crosshairs
Snipers in Viet Nam
By Michael Lee Lanning

18 December 1998
By Sarge

If you are looking for a book with action, excitement and thrills... this ain't it. However if you want a book that is very straight forward, analytical and full of no BS history... you found it. Mr. Lanning has done an excellent job of telling us a little on sniper history. Why does it seem all books on sniping have to give us a history lesson instead of getting to the point? A lot about the development of the different sniper programs in Vietnam and a few stories mixed in to keep you reading. The few photographs he included, I must admit, are good, though again, few in number, with most of them being ones I had not previously seen in other sniper books.

Though the appendices, index and bibliography take up something near 60 pages, the amount of information available here is truly commendable. The descriptions of different sniper systems are short and detailed. The training syllabus from USMC FMFM1-3B is a different touch as well as several other direct documents such as the Division Order that established Refresher Training for the Scout-Sniper of the 3rd Marine Division, MACV Order of Battle study on VC/NVA Employment of Snipers.

However the best find in the whole book, to this writer anyway, is the Annotated Bibliography! There are 15 pages, in VERY small type, of books, periodicals, official records/documents/manuals and on and on, this is a treasure itself!

A "hot read" - NO. A good "sniper in Vietnam" history book - YES. Borrow it from the library then decide if you want to add it to your collection of sniper books.

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