The Justice Cooperative
By Joe Martino

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2 September 2004
By Sarge

You're sitting at home. There is a loud knocking at the door. As you go to the door it bursts in and you are knocked to the floor unconscious. You awake to hear the screams of your wife as she is being attacked. You try to respond but you can't, you've been tied up!

Now if this isn't bad enough the bad guy is caught, tried and convicted. He threatens to "get you" when he's released...well he is!

OK I'm not going to tell a whole lot more about the story line! Let's just keep it simple and say that this book is a great lesson on self defense, the Second Amendment, the American legal system and a great social commentary on life in America today, some pretty darn good American history .... OH by the way, did I mention this is a work of FICTION.... at least according to the author it is!! Good guys vs. bad guys, citizen vs. the legal system, citizens and the "justice" system, vigilante justice...No I quit!

Being real honest when first approached to review this book it was sort of...OK here is another book that I'll get around to reading in the next couple of months, just as a "something to read book"! Well circumstance dictated that I got to it a whole lot sooner than planned and Dang it all I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!! In all it took me just a little over 2 days to read front to back. Joe Martino seems to have a knack for blending law enforcement, Second Amendment, victims rights, American history, America life as it is today and put it into a fast paced book that you can't get enough of.

This book rings true in many aspects; the technical information on gun safety is right on.

OH the heck with this.... BUY THE BOOK it is a great read!!

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