The Scope of Justice
By Michael Z. Williamson

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2 September 2004
By Sarge

SFC Monroe screwed up in Bosnia and got his partner killed. He's now an instructor at the sniper school. A General wants to see him about a TDY "mission". He of course accepts and this thing goes FUBAR from the beginning. Long airplane rides, unarmed, un-friendly territory, back stabbing "allies", Afghanistan, Pakistan and a whole bunch of friendly, but mostly un-friendly folks!

Finally getting the mission accomplished, well turns out it wasn't the mission after all but an ally's personal agenda! Things definitely go down hill from here!

Although the author never claims to be a sniper his understanding of most things sniper related is very good. Even his literary license on some weapons related things isn't too far out of reality.

Good read for a work of fiction with some ring of truth to it!

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