Sniper/Counter Sniper
A Guide for Special Response Teams
By Mark V. Lonsdale
Specialized Tactical Training Unit

21 November 1999
By Sarge

Many books have been written about and for the military sniper, few for law enforcement. This book begins to fill this gap. Mark Lonsdale has an impressive list of credentials that make him well qualified to write this book. Again I want to emphasize this book is for the law enforcement officer taking the medium to close range shots, and not the 1,000 yard capability the military sniper requires in a combat situation.

Included in this book are chapters on Role of the Sniper, Sniper Selection Budget, Secondary Weapons Education and Training, Operations and The Shot. This is just some of the information Mr. Lonsdale is providing us, remembering that nothing he presents is to change or override existing department policy.

From the book:

Sniper/Counter Sniper was written in response to the need for a text specifically aimed at Special Response Teams. The book will be of benefit to police marksmen, SWAT snipers and commanders, military counter terrorist teams, hostage rescue teams and also to law enforcement administrators and procurement officers.

Sniper/Counter Sniper is the first in a series of books based on the Special Tactical training Unit (S.T.T.U) training manuals and the experience of staff and students alike. In an arena where tactics and equipment are continually changing, one can never stop the quest for new ideas and methods to test, evaluate and then possibly integrate into a training program.

It is the author's belief that a good sniper is justified in taking the life of one criminal or terrorist to protect the lives of many other innocent people.

This is 175 pages of to the point no BS book! ONLY criticism I can make of this book is it took too long to get to us, it was originally copyrighted in 1987/1993 - a bit "old" but understanding we do not necessarily want "some" of this information in the "wrong" hands is probably why we are just now seeing this book in our "segment" of sniper operations.

A VERY good read and well worth the money!

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