Stalk and Kill
The Sniper Experience
By Adrian Gilbert

< 1999
By Sarge

Adrian Gilbert has done it again! Does his love of sniping and the experiences of snipers know no end? I hope not! This is his best work to date, in this writer's humble opinion, and if you like to read about the first-hand experience of what it's like to be a sniper, this is the book for you! Quoting from the book flap, "The combat sniper is given the opportunity to tell his own story; what it feels like to look down a telescopic sight and observe the face of the ‘target;' the ordeal of the operations conducted behind enemy lines; and the exhaustion of hours spent waiting motionless for the perfect shot." This work covers the period of time from the American Revolution to the present, with plenty of reports -- from Northern Ireland to the Falklands, from Beirut to Kuwait, from Somalia to Bosnia.

The one section I found of real interest is the postscript at the end of the book called "At the Receiving End," a title which sort of explains itself. Actually it's a very short piece, written by renowned author George Orwell about his being shot by a sniper during the Spanish Civil War; it is a very insightful story from a great writer.

The Source Notes and Bibliographical Notes are a veritable treasure unto themselves. If you want to look for additional material on snipers and sniping this is definitely a great starting point.

Your sniper library is not complete without this book!!!

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