The Tactical Marksman
A Complete Training Manual for the Police and Practical Shooters
By Dave M. Lauck

30 September 2000
By Sarge

Well I had a lot to say about Dave's book "The Tactical 1911". This book is in the same no bull style and should be of even more interest to those of us that want to put bullets out there with any precision!

Again Dave starts his book with chapter number one being on safety. As with his other books this is a FULL chapter not just one or two paragraphs. I KNOW we have all seen and had this information pounded into our heads since we first picked up a weapon but it NEVER HURTS TO REVIEW SAFETY!!!!

Chapter two is on the tactical marksman concept and why we even need this type of position.

Chapter three is on rifle selection with the correct idea of "the right tool for the right job". Dave is a firm believer in the two (2) rifle concept IF your area of responsibility lends itself to this idea. In a nutshell it uses a "perimeter rifle", a AR type weapon, out to approximately 200 yards then going with the precision bolt rifle out to the maximum distance for your area of responsibility. Within this chapter is a discussion of various different rifle AR's, HK, Ruu-Ruug ah you know which one I'm talking about, M14, AUG, etc. to include some information on .50 caliber. This is a very complete chapter and continues on with components such as stocks, trigger groups, barrels, caliber selection and on and on, hey I'm talking COMPLETE!

From here the book goes to Optics and Support Equipment, Ballistics and Ammunition, Zeroing, Rifle Marksmanship, Close-Action Rifle, Practical Rifle Training, Rifle Maintenance, with Appendices on Sample Field Data Book, Cold Shot Target and a list of Suppliers and Training Schools.

This is close to 200 pages of some of the most useful no BS information I've read. Want/need good practical information READ THIS BOOK!

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