The Ultimate Rifleman
By John Plaster

< 1999
By Condor

I thought that MAJ Plaster (Ret.) did a fine job... he explained a lot of things in ways that most of us cannot. He had a number of the tools of the trade, on hand, in front of a video camera; most of us, on this page, have to try to use only the written word to communicate what we're talking about, in regard to weaponcraft, such as optics, range estimation, and ballistics. Plaster, to me, never comes off as being a "know it all" type of individual, though I know there are some of you who probably see him as such. Commensurately, the only ones who will likely have "a problem" with this tape are those people who, themselves, are "know it all" types of people. I believe that, in the shooting sport/profession, there is always something to be learned from our peers, and certainly from those of Plaster's experience. As I did in his tape (and book) "The Ultimate Sniper," I found his instruction method to be relaxing while entertaining and extremely informative. This newest tape, some may feel, is "basic" in many respects, but I felt it was a good refresher on many things I already feel knowledgeable about, and greatly enhanced my understanding on some things that I was perhaps just a bit "gray" on. Certainly, I don't mind learning from anyone who is a master in their discipline, and Plaster is -- most assuredly -- a master rifleman. He makes a point, toward the end of his tape, that "... ego has no place in shooting... we can all improve ourselves." I agree.

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