Sniper Country Charter

This web site and all related or referenced materials and links are solely and strictly for informational purposes. Moreover, this web site is intended solely for the dissemination of information for lawful purposes to military and law enforcement precision riflemen, as well as interested civilian long-range precision shooting competitors.

This web site, known as Sniper Country, is solely for informational purposes -- to promote an awareness of the value of the sniper's role in the military and in law enforcement. Snipers, for too long, have been misunderstood and employed incorrectly. Further, a great deal of the "mystique" that surrounds them has been generated by criminals such as Charles Whitman, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray, and thus to many, the labels of "murderer" and "sniper" are synonymous by nature. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In contrast to popular myths about snipers, real military and law enforcement snipers have performed admirably and lawfully in their professions. Military snipers have played valuable roles in determining the outcomes of battles, even wars, and certainly the political direction of various nations. Often, military snipers' greatest impact in such armed conflicts has come not from the "one well-aimed shot," but from their intelligence-gathering while in the field. Additionally, police snipers have saved literally thousands of lives through the proper placement of that "one well-aimed shot" under conditions in which the slightest error could result in the deaths of one or more innocent hostages or bystanders.

To foster a better understanding of the profession of sniping, this web site will provide information about sniper training (field craft, tactics, and marksmanship) in a format that is interesting and educational. Sniper Country will present material on firearms, ammunition, optics, rangefinders, precision shooting techniques, book and videotape reviews. As well, Sniper Country will cover other topics of interest not only to military and law enforcement snipers, but also to civilian long-range precision competitive shooters. This information will come only from publicly available sources, including published materials, interviews, and Freedom of Information Act Requests. Sniper Country will not, under any circumstances, provide information which would compromise "sources and methods" of current military or law enforcement units or their procedures and thereby permit any opposition force to circumvent those units' missions. This prohibition on disclosure includes, but is not limited to, information that is known to be classified by the United States Government under the appropriate Executive Order.

Sniper Country is maintained by, and visited by, many people who have a serious interest in the discipline of long-range precision shooting. A significant portion of this web site is devoted to two areas that visitors should find extremely interesting: the Emporium and the Duty Roster. These are areas in which you, the reader, may express your comments and ask questions of other readers. You will find that, collectively, there is a lot of expertise represented by the "regulars" who frequent this site, many of whom are current or former snipers, long-range competitors, members of various military or law enforcement units, gunsmiths, manufacturers, and even professionals such as lawyers and doctors. Quite often, questions on reloading, precision shooting, gunsmithing, external and wound ballistics, shooting accessories, tactics, firearms, politics, the legality of sniping, the law of war, and history can be answered by one or more of the people who contribute to the success of Sniper Country.

Sniper Country encourages free, unfettered, open discussion on topics of interest to this web site. However, comments posted to the Duty Roster that contain vulgarity, lewd suggestions, threats, challenges (to a fight), and ANYTHING THAT WE WHO MAINTAIN THIS SITE FIND "UNACCEPTABLE FOR PRINT" will be removed. Further, to the greatest extent possible, Sniper Country, at any time and at its own discretion, will inform the appropriate authorities of any inappropriate or unlawful behavior posted to this web site. As well, Sniper Country will take any other legal action as it deems necessary. For more on these subjects, please see Sniper Country's disclaimer. Within these (socially acceptable) guidelines, your comments are welcome and invited.

We believe that you will find Sniper Country to be entertaining, educational, and thought-provoking. Every effort will be made to ensure that sniping and long-range competitive shooting are addressed in a serious and professional manner. Sniper Country cannot accomplish these tasks alone, though, and you, the reader, are strongly urged to contribute to this site.

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