Natural Point of Aim - The direction that the body/rifle combination is oriented while in a stable, relaxed firing position.

Natural Respiratory Pause - The temporary cessation of breathing after an exhalation and before an inhalation.

Neck, Case Neck - The section of a cartridge case which holds the bullet, which is inserted via the case mouth. ( Click here for picture. )

Neck Down, Neck Up - To re-form the neck of a case to accept bullets of smaller or larger diameter respectively. Done to create new calibres ( Wildcats ) or to make cases for calibres ( for which brass is unavailable due to the calibre being ) that are obsolete or very scarce. See Cartridge conversion.

Neck Ream - To reduce the thickness of the walls of a case neck by shaving brass from either the interior or the exterior surfaces. Done to provide even tension on the bullet for optimum accuracy, or when case forming causes forward “brass flow” which makes the neck walls too thick.

Neck Reamer - Cutting tool used for neck reaming.

Neck (re)Sizing - In handloading, to resize the case neck only ( or a part thereof ) without sizing the case body. Done for enhanced accuracy and extended case life, using a special die. It is used in conjunction with fireforming.

Nitro-cellulose - Highly flammable substance made by treating cellulose with nitric acid. Used for making smokeless or “nitro” propellants.

Nitro Express - Term adopted in the late 19th century to describe rifle cartridges charged with nitro-cellulose or “smokeless ( as distinct from “black” ) powder, giving increased or “express train” velocities.

Nitro Proofing - The process of testing a firearm for strength with specific reference to nitro-cellulose ( smokeless ) powder which generates much higher pressures than black powder. Many cartridges were converted from black powder to smokeless without undergoing dimensional changes, thus both types can be fired in the same firearm. If an arm was made and proofed for black powder loads only, it is normally not safe for use with smokeless powder cartridges. Before firing modern ammunition in an old ( pre-1900 ) firearm, check to see that the firearm bears the appropriate symbols to show it has been nitro proofed. See Proofing and Proof marks.

Non-corrosive Primers - Primers containing no substance which is corrosive to barrels.  Modern primers are non-corrosive.  See Corrosive primers.

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