Target Indicators - Any sign that can enable an observer to detect the location of the enemy, his installations, or his equipment.

Telescopic Sight - See Scope.

Terminal Ballistics - That branch of ballistics which deals with the effects of projectiles at the target, i.e. the effect of the projectile on the target. Also see Ballistics, Internal ballistics, External ballistics.

Terminal Velocity - The speed of the bullet upon impact with the target. This will determine the effectiveness of the bullet because of its direct contribution to energy/energy transfer.

Throat - Short, tapered section of barrel’s bore between the chamber and the start of the rifling. See Freebore.

Time Of Flight / Flight Time - The time taken by a bullet to travel from muzzle to target.

Top Break - A firearm action that is hinged at the bottom and “breaks” open at the top for loading. In rifles, applies to single shot and double or multi-barrelled pieces only.

Torque - The turning force applied to screws or bolts.

Trace - The air turbulence created by the shock wave of a bullet as it passes through the air. This air turbulence can be observed (with an optical aid) in the form of a vapour trail as the bullet travels toward the target.

Tracer - Type of ammunition that is visible at night due to its phosphorous compound in the base of the bullet.

Tracking - Engaging moving targets where the lead is established and maintained; moving with the target as the trigger is squeezed.
Also used to describe the technique of following the enemy by his markings left on the terrain.

Trajectory - The path of a bullet in flight. As gravity works on a bullet from the moment it exits from the muzzle, the bullet is constantly falling below the line of bore., hence its trajectory is always curved. Rifle sights are mounted so that when the line of sight is horizontal, the bore is pointing slightly upwards - the bullet’s path rises to cross the line of sight a few metres ( 10 - 30 ) from the muzzle. However, gravity ensures that it falls to cross the line of sight a second time, much further away. By adjusting the sights, this second crossing can be made to occur at the distance of your choice, hence we say the rifle/scope/load combination is "sighted in" or "zeroed" at that distance. See Line of bore, Line of sight, Mid-range trajectory, Sight-in, Zero.  ( Click here for picture. )

Trapping - A technique for engaging moving targets. The aiming point is established forward of the target. The rifle is held stationary and fired as the target approaches the aiming point.

Trigger Pull - The force ( usually in lbs ) that must be applied to a trigger for it to release the sear. Term also refers to the quality of the release. A good trigger pull will be appropriately light, and the release will be a clean, sharp snap, with no gritty “creep”.

Trim-to Length - In handloading, the length a cartridge case should be trimmed back to after it has stretched past its "maximum case length".

Turnbolt - Another name for bolt action.

Turret Press - A handloadingpress with a rotatable multi-station turret top for positioning dies and powder measure in their appropriate sequence.

Turrets - The two round, capped projections on the top and side of a scope tube which house the adjustment dials.

Twist - See Rate of twist.

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