The Origin of Sniper Country

Sniper Country was originally developed by David Reed. Prior to his becoming active in computer hardware and software applications, Dave had been an avid long-range shooter and a sniper with the U.S. Army Rangers. Dave decided one day to combine his current career with his previous work and his love for long-range precision shooting into the web site known as Sniper Country. The idea was an outstanding one, meeting the needs of those interested in the discipline of long-range precision shooting, a subject which had long been overlooked by others.

Unfortunately, Dave was not able to continue managing the site due to personal needs and a desire to focus his attention on his flourishing business.

It goes without saying that Dave put a lot of himself into making this site the overwhelming success that it has become in such a relatively short time. The individuals who took over and are now maintaining the site would like to acknowledge Dave's invaluable contributions and diligent efforts as well as his tireless determination in making this site a reality. Wherever possible, credit has been given to Dave for his original compositions and other materials that he was responsible for posting to this site.

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