A warning to Minors and Militants

Sniper Country is a web site dedicated to the advancement, education and history of the military and law enforcement sniper. It is not a site for the immature or the politically militant.  We support the PROPER use of snipers within the law enforcement community and will always champion their use within the armed services.  A trained sniper has the ability to SAVE more lives than he will ever take in the course of his legally assigned duties.  If we can provide him with useful information, we have succeeded in some small way in our goals.  Civilians have always been welcome on our site because we feel that part of the message we present needs to go to them.  Snipers have long been misunderstood, vilified and even placed into the realm of myth.  The Hollywood edition of the long-range marksman is seldom accurate and often based in a supposed evil nature or heroics bordering on mythology.

We, the Sniper Country Staff are compelled to write a warning to minors and militants because of a recent incident involving a reader of the Sniper Country web site.  Our staff has been dedicated to promoting, in a positive manner, those individuals who have been selected to be their units' sniper, either due to their skill or to their circumstances.  We believe in training and support civilian marksmanship.  We do NOT support militant anti-government para-military organizations, revolutionaries, or assassins.  We are very pro law enforcement and pro military.  We are pro-constitution and certainly pro BILL of Rights.  ALL of them mind you, not just the Second Amendment.  Our site is non-political in nature and although we all have our biases and beliefs we try to keep them out of our writing.

Recently an incident occurred where we received an email from a reader.  We had no way of telling if this reader was young or old, insane or just stupid.  The message simply said that he was going to kill a well-known political figure.  By his sending it to us, we felt he involved us in his "plot" and we could not stand by to become unwilling accomplices.  After some deliberation we forwarded his note to the Secret Service.  We did not know if this was a prank or an individual trying to get someone else in trouble.  We had no way of knowing if it was for real or not.  But that is not our problem.  By emailing one of our staff members, the individual made it HIS problem.  Our policy on these matters is clear.  When we see something that could be construed to be a threat to ANY individual, political or otherwise, we will, from this point on, pass the information on to the authorities and let them do their job.

We contacted the local branch of the Secret Service and passed along what information we had.  Within a few days we were given a follow-up call by our point of contact and he let us know what their investigation found.  It turns out that the individual that sent this misguided note was a minor.  This is one reason we ask people under the age of 18 to stay out of our site.  We have ALL been young -- we remember how impressionable we were and how we easily latched onto ideas that were not necessarily good for us or particularly smart.  Kids, even intelligent ones, are prone to fantasy and in this age of computer game warfare and bloodless video killing it is easy for them to believe their actions online are harmless.  What harm can come from saying you want to kill a famous politician, schoolmate, or rock star?  After all, it is all in "fun", right?

WRONG. By stating these intents, no matter how unlikely, you involve individuals you do not know, you risk your future and that of others, and you may, just maybe, get a surprise knock on your door.

We were told that a minor sent the note.  We can just imagine how he and his parents felt when the Secret Service knocked on their door looking for answers.  Suddenly it was not all a computer game.  Words mean things.  At 15 you might not think so.  For you life may be one progression of broken hearts and newfound loves, thrills, rejections and video arcade fun.  Your life may be self absorbed and blind to the potential around it.  You can decorate your room in basic black or you can try living a good life.  You can afford to test your limits, to some extent, for after all, you are only 15 and have time to grow out of it -- assuming you do not do anything stupid.  But when you step into the adult world, this world, and pull a prank like this there will be consequences.

So, about this warning: Many have confused its intent, both while agreeing and disagreeing with it. If you take the time to read it plainly, all it says is;

Don't come here if you are a under the age of 18 because odds are, you are not mature enough to "get it". You might be, but we can not make exceptions.

Don't come here if you are from ANY hate group who blames everyone else for your woes and wishes to express your ideology here, because we just don't need the hassle and don't really care what you think. In other words, this site is about long range sniping, not about hate.

Don't come here if you are too addle-brained to realize that blowing up a federal building will not advance your aims and goals. We suggest you might actually try political activism and voting out of office the politician who ticked you off in the first place. Who knows, the innocent babies you planned on killing might have voted for your views down the road. Putz.

If you think everyone else but you or your particular race (any race) is too stupid to get it, well, how nice for you. We don't care. It's OUR site. Go play somewhere else. If you are a US Citizen and think you live in Tyranny and believe that black helicopters will bring death down upon you any day now, you need to go visit a nightmare nation where horror meets reality. Try Soviet Russia circa 1937 or anywhere in the Middle East if you happen to get on the wrong side of the "law".

Point is, if you believe in and want change, VOTE. Don't tell us how you plan on committing some crime unless you really want a visit from your local PD.

Nothing in the above text said you can not rail against Big or Bad government. Nothing said you can not revolt if you face real tyranny, just as our forefathers have done. Nothing said you can not organize and group together and play soldier. It just says, if you have Criminal Intent, and are silly enough to express it to US, THE STAFF, we will pass it on to those who can save lives and stop you. Your beliefs, right or wrong, are irrelevant to us. How you ACT ON THEM on the other hand, particularly if you spout off about them here, is important to us. We are deadly serious about this. We can not control who visits the site nor can we control how people use the information they gather here. But we can and will take action whenever it appears that someone plans to commit a crime. You have been Warned.

The Sniper Country Staff

Marius Ferreira, our ( South African ) Webmaster, Garry Blosser, Pete Reiff and Scott Powers

Note: We have received many responses to this warning - both positive and negative. The following is one of these responses which we think fits in very well with the message of this warning.


I would like to commend you on offering a warning to minors and militants. So many people today feel that snipers are evil people who enjoy killing. As a former militant, I can attest to this, except I thought killing was cool.

I am now an adult, and I realize what the reprecussions of certain actions would've been had I been given a chance to carry them out. I thank God that I did not carry those actions out, as I would've certainly been killed by men who practice the profession I would've perverted.

"To those militants and minors who believe sniping is about killing, they are partially right. Sniping involves death. Yet, it is not the killing that a sniper enjoys. It may not even be the hunt. It is the satisfaction that multiple lives have been saved by the death of one individual. Anything less, and a man ceases to be a sniper; he becomes a madman."


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