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Ammunition - M852:

My unit can not get M118 via "normal" supply channels, we can only get M852, ?M825? and then only about 400 - 500 for the whole fiscal year. Supposedly this is due to a "shortage" in DOD supply system.
From what little I know about this round it has different performance (poorer)than the M118. Our scopes have BDC's for the M118. Does anyone have/know where I can get info and balistics data on the M852? Does anyone have any ideas about how to make the M825 work with the M118 BDC? My idea on this was to take the ballistics tables on the two rnds and compare them and make the appropriate conversions for each range, etc... Does anyone have any different ideas on how to tackle this? Does anyone have ANY info, scoop, dirt, whatever on the M852 round and/or how it performs in the M24? Every little tidbit would be greatly appreciated. (Gooch??)
I have been trying to find large lots of surplus M118 on the market but have not been able to find more than about 4 or 5 boxes of the same lot. Anyone know of a good supplier of surplus M118 ammo in large lots (like 500-1000rds)? I got 4 boxs of a 1972 lot (dont have the info on me right this moment), are there any particular lots/years to stay away from? I know Lake City has had production/quality problems in the past but what years/lots?

C Caspers <>
o-me-haw, NE, USA - Thursday, February 04, 1999 at 23:24:10 (ZULU) 

I "feel your pain".
Have had some similar problems here in Korea, but not as severe as what you are facing. On training- I do not have the USMC stuff, but here are the manuals for Army sniper training and employment. When in doubt, thump the table and go on about "Doctrinal employment". Just make sure you know your stuff when the 2 and 3 are grilling you.
FM 7-92 Light Infantry Scout Squad and Platoon.
FM 23-10 Sniper Training (Includes some employment stuff)
FM 23-17 Sniper Training (All training and outlines)
TC 31-32 Special Operations Sniper Training and Employment (this one is the best of the bunch)
ARTEP 7-93 MTP (T&EO stuff for evealuations)

M118 vs M852- Go with the 852. It sacrifices a bit of range, but is a more precise and consistent round. Mil version of Fed 168 match. Despite what the box says, it IS LEGAL for combat use. The Benning School or SOTIC should be able to get you the Pentagon legal opinion memo.
The reason why the stuff is short is that LC is supposed to be tooling up to make M118LR, which is supposed to be the cats meow. Don't know when it is going to hit our level though. For training ammo, you need to know your zero with all types of 7,62 mil ammo so shoot some M80 ball (won't hurt the gun lots around, lets you work on the shooters form), and a VERY SMALL amount of tracer.
I will forward in a seperate E-Mail the M852 data that one of the regulars here (an instructor at JFKSWC SOTIC) sent me. It is accurate. If you want, you can paint the E turrets on your scope and put the new data on.

Sorry about the length. Got carried away.
Ed Engler <>
CP Greaves, ROK - Friday, February 05, 1999 at 10:42:07 (ZULU) 

M852, just use the standard wind formula with C=10, results in full MOA. Range tracks with com. 168gn ammo. Trick is to shoot amd shoot again so that you know exactly how the stuff shoots with your weapon. Never shot a Galil, but if you are using the ELCAN scope that the Candians use on their M16's, your work is cut out for you.

ED <>
CP Greivous, ROK - Saturday, February 20, 1999 at 10:09:54 (ZULU) 

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