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Ammunition - Sierra 175gr Match King:

OK guys we've been over, under, around and through this subject but NOBODY has come right out and gotten down to the point! What loads are you'all using in bolt guns for the 175 gr Match King?? I've gotten my first box and don't want to "waste" them as I don't think my local shop got more than the one box for me! I've consulted Sierra for use of N140 but they tell me they have no data on this combination. The VV pamphlet manual says a MAX of 41.4 @ 2400 something, that seems aweful slow, so where do I go from here! What I have on hand is N140, AA2520 and H380. OK lets play folks and remember $$$$ IS a consideration!! I MIGHT consent to trying Varget although my past experience with Varget was not good. OK, OK, OK it was in my Savage rifles (two different guns in two different calibers even) they didn't like Varget in any way shape or form but this will be in the 700 VS. Help me out here!

Sarge <>
Area 51, NM, USA - Saturday, February 13, 1999 at 21:21:53 (ZULU) 

I have been spending the last month trying to become Vargetized.
I am now one of its admirers. My experience is as follows. 308 target rifle 26 inch barrel= 2800 fps with 168 Amax and 175 Sierra with max load which is listed on the bottle. 308 Target rifle with 25 inch barrel = 2750 fps. Accuracy was ok. pressure was non existant. in fact cycling the bolt was like cycling an empty rifle. Personally I think these are pretty impressive numbers for a 308. I got similar results in a 7mm-08. I also tried it in a 30-06 and was not impressed at all with it there. I got good accuracy with some 155 palma bullets
but the charge which was 1 grain under max gave a velocity of 2550 and the max load listed in the book was supposed to give 2980 fps.
Steve <>
S.C.D.H., Ohio, USA - Saturday, February 13, 1999 at 23:02:22 (ZULU) 

Welcome back! But how dare you speak the name Varget in the same breath as Sav'age! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Start at 43.0 gr. and work up, be careful with pressure if you use IMI or LC brass, I'm comfortable at 44.0 gr. Read back a week or so ago on MR.Bullet and Jeff A's posts.
OAL of between 2.800" and 2.825" seems to work well for me. The longer for my 700 Police DM and the shorter generic size rounds for other rifles.

bIG-cITY, bY-gAwD, USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 01:19:58 (ZULU) 

Sarge, Re: 175 MK bullet. Have two loads that have worked well in two different rifles, one a PSS, the other my M700V. VarGet best was 43.7 grs in PSS. BLC-2 best was 44.5 up or down 0.2 grs. Can't give OAL due to the fact that I am measuring from ogive with a Stoney Point Comparator. Just for info in my 700V the measurement was 2.28 ON OGIVE.** Will NOT FIT MAGAZINE !!!!** Single load only, great for match, at least down here. BTW, those loads were MOLY'd Bullets too.

Will <>
War Eagle Country !!, Alabama, USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 01:51:29 (ZULU) 

Sarge, Just started on my second box of 175MKs. I have been using
43gr of AA2520. It ran ava. 2666fps off ten rounds today and is just starting to flaten primers. I plan on backing off a couple of .10 and go try that. Groups are good (alot better then with Varget) but I shoot one of those sorry old Savage rifles:)
E-mail me if I can give you any other info.

Estes <>
Flat- Land , Kansas, USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 04:40:38 (ZULU) 

Person looking for a load for 175 M.K's may want to work up to a max. load of IMR 4895, I've had very good results with it.

Pup <>
Canada - Friday, February 19, 1999 at 23:41:01 (ZULU)


I used Varget with the Sierra 175Mk's for 1000 yd shooting. Rifle was a Winchester Heavy Varmint in 308. Velocity was about 2600fps. N140 would be good too. Unfortunately, there is no way other than working up a load to see what it takes to make the Sierra 175 Mk's work in your rifle. Varget is cheaper than N140. It is very consistant, and is not as affected by temperature extremes as other powders. My rifle had a 26" barrel with 1/12 twist. I also shoot these out of my M1A, using 41.0 Grains of IMR 4895, Velocity about 2500fps. M1A barrel is a 1/10, 22" in length.

Bill Bledsoe <>
Shelbyville, KY , USA - Saturday, February 20, 1999 at 12:24:03 (ZULU) 

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