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The Affect of Heat on Ammunition:

Mr Gooch also mentioned keeping your ammo cool and not in the sun. At what temperature does it start ot adversely affect the ammunition. I know it will increase pressures and even dramatically, but at what temperature? Thanks for the advice.

Alexander Ostapowicz <>
In a state of confusion in the merry old land of , Ohio USA - Thursday, November 19, 1998 at 00:33:19 (EST) 

Heat build up in a barrel:

keeping the ammo cool is a natural, but how many of you time yourself from the time you chamber that "cool" round into a moderatly hot chamber? If I have the time, I get back on target do my little bubble work, and the before the final breathing cycle chamber the next round, collect myself and fire. For me that seems to bring less velocity/vertical spread since the time the ammo spends in the "toaster" is pretty short.

Also by keeping the bolt open when doing the above and with the muzzle slightly higher you get a chimney effect that will draw cool air through the barrel.

On a lighter note, here in germany there are a lot of combined hunting rifles up to and including the Drillinge (Triplets).
The soldered together barrel packs bend violently when a shot is fired and the real artesian Gunsmtih will get two barrels to shoot into one spot after a certain time 10 - 15 Sek has past between shots.
Now to zero these things (most German hunters let a gunsmith do it at a range) and not have to wait a hour to cool of, most of the ranges have an old vacum cleaner attached to a steel tube type stand with rubber inside to protect the barrels, they stick one rifle in the tube to cool while shooting the second one.

Torsten <>
Germany - Thursday, November 19, 1998 at 04:21:09 (EST) 

Re. heat and barrels.

I had to rezero my huntingbuddy's Valmet 412 doublerifle barrels. Caliber was "ofcource" 9.3X74R at $4.50 pr. bang!! The barrelset has W&E-adjustments. I used 120 rounds to get the barrels to shoot within 3" at 100m. 6shot group, 3 shots from each barrel with 5 seconds between the doubles. I'm not good at this, just lucky.

I've shot quite a lot of these european combinationguns. As a rule they shoot much better than they should. My huntingbuddy's Valmet with a 12ga/7X57R set shoots less than .5MOA 3 shot groups with the riflebarrel. All the accuracyrules are broken... And remember, this thing is a takedown. You can put it inside a rucksack.

Oslo, Norway - Thursday, November 19, 1998 at 05:50:11 (EST) 

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