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Technical - Firelapping:

On the fire-lapping review: Shooter beware. If throat erosion doesn't concern you, have at it. There has been so much material generated on how fire-lapping accelerates throat erosion, it's not funny. It should also be mentioned that it's basically "firearm suicide" if you use such ammo in a gas gun. The abrasives get into the gas system and do irreversible damage. I've used fire-lapping ammunition. It has it's purpose... but your money is better spent rebarreling than fire-lapping if your goal is to achieve surgical accuracy for a "tactical" piece. Sure, I'd use it for a "beater" rifle... LIKE A CLUNKY OLD ENFIELD, for example... or some old gun that had the potential to "shoot" but just wasn't worth spending the money on for a barrel job. I would not, however, use fire-lapping ammunition for the type of equipment we generally discuss here on the Duty Roster. Hey, it's your money, you do as you want. No slam against the article -- it pretty well covered the product and its use... but there's a downside to fire-lapping that potential users should know about. IF YOU WANT TO LAP YOUR BORE, take it to a gunsmith and have him lap it the good old-fashioned way. Or do it yourself -- it's NOT that hard, guys, really.

Russell E. Taylor <>
Silvis, IL, USA - Tuesday, February 23, 1999 at 06:46:14 (ZULU) 

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