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Why do sniper teams miss long shots?

Steve - First of all, no apology was necessary since you were not offensive in inquiring
about the standards. You were merely asking about procedure. No offense was taken at
the time. I hope my reply did not convey the feeling that I was offended, since I was not.
As far as .10 mil adjustments. That would be the same as .25 - .33 moa adjustments and
are not necessary for military tactical shooting. The 1 moa adjustments are shown on the
scale as ranges in meters. This is all that is necessary to insure a first round hit if the
weapon is properly zeroed and the shooter properly ranges the target. Most of the misses
were caused by the shooter not ranging properly, ie ranging target at 1.4 Mils when the
target was at 1.6 Mils. This is caused from several problems that arise when Miling, but
that are explained to the students before hand. Had the students noticed that the target
was Miled at 1.4 for hieght and .8 for width, then they would have known to remil the
height. The width told them that the target was closer to 1.6 than 1.4. Had they even
compromised and placed the range for 1.5 on the weapon, they would have hit the target
high. Instead the blindly put 714 meters on the gun and shot at a target that was less than
650 away. The observer then missed trace and guessed that the round went off the side of
the target due to a bad wind call. Problem was the wind call was right on, the round just
went over the top of the target. This is one example of the errors being made. Another was
reading wind scales in moa and calling wind corrections in Mils. On the repeat shot using
maked points, we do not use that exercise because it is designed for iron sights, and if the
parallax is removed from the scope, then the marks will always stay in a tight pattern.
That exercise is designed to test sight alignment. I hope this answered your questions
Steve. As I said no offense was taken and no apology was necessary. This is an open forum
and thin skinned need not apply. That's what makes this site so much fun! :-)

Have fun guys and gals!

Rick <>
Fayetteville, NC USA - Friday, October 02, 1998 at 20:26:56 (EDT)

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