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Publications, and how they handle reviews:

Go to any magazine. Look at all the products they review. Look at who their advertisers are. Then look closely again at the product reviews. I'll use Petersons Hunting as a good example. Fun magazine. I like it. You ever read a BAD review? NEVER. Least not that I can remember. They do not bite the hand that feeds them. This is how it works in the magazine industry. It kind of has to, to stay afloat. If an advertiser's product sucks, they either do not let an author write about it OR they edit the article to the point that the product seems good to go. I do not make my livelyhood as a writer so I do not have to play that game. I have had articles turned down from magazines because they were honest assesments of the products. I have been told this! My LightForce piece is a good example. It is hardly a great piece of work and needs editorial help, but I think the main reason it did not make it into print was that I said that in my opinion the LF is not ideal for REAL snipers due to the size and the 1/8 moa turrets. LF was an advertiser in the magazine in question and the article came back lickity split.

Don't believe me? Ask some of our visitors. They know exactly what I am talking about. They have far more experience with this than me.

I enjoy both PS and TS. I recommend both magazines. They are the best of the bunch. Still, some advertisers are in pretty tight with them. They help pay the bills. Does this affect PS's outlook on moly? I can not say, but it is something to consider. Every magazine suffers this dilemma. Raising questions about a method, be it a cleaning product, scope, coating method, what ever, is not being unkind to a specific magazine. It is simply raisinging honest questions. To PS's credit, you do see the occaisonal article questioning moly. But you have to admit, moly reads like the second coming for the most part. It just might be for many! But I think the truth has still not been completely discovered. Therefore I would still recommend a loader develop a load for tactical shooting in the traditional manner. He can always play with moly once he has the experience to see the difference, whether good or bad. This answer your question?

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USA - Monday, February 15, 1999 at 15:36:09 (ZULU) 

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