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Does anyone have information/observations on the 338/378 or 338 lapua ballistics? I am interested in accuracy potential past 750 yd, noise, recoil, brass life, barrel life, loads etc. I am going to build a long range sheep rifle for the big sheep I. E. high Altai Argali, marco Polo etc. These sheep weigh to 650 pounds and seldom let anyone closer than 700 yards in their high mountain very open and windy terrain. James Craig

James Craig <>
USA - Saturday, November 14, 1998 at 20:02:06 (EST)

On your question of a 338-378 or a 338 Lupua. A friend of mine had a rifle built to do what you want in the 338-378. It had 30" barrel and a brake. The problem was it was a crew served weapon!! You might want to check the new Shooting Times this month they have a article on Remington's new magnum. It's called the Ultra Mag and is based on the 404 Jrfferies (NO BELT) and looks to be close to the 30-378 in performance and they are bringing it out in the 338 and the 7mm also. The nice thing is it will fit in the magnum action on the 700 and the factory ammo will only be about 15% higher than the standard mag ammo. If the rifle is a good as they say you wont need the heavy "crew served" custom built rifle. Just as an after thought most of the 338-378s I've seen in the Weatherby's wont hit a suburban at 700yards. The 338 Lupua is suppose to be very accurate but to be fair I haven't seen them in a stock rifle like the Weatherby. The recoil is quite severe as is the muzzle blast you need a brake on these guns even in the heavy model's. Barrel life is not good but then you wont be shooting it like a 308 either and should not be a concern for a hunting rifle. The 338 Lupua I shot was heavy and had a break and still had the recoil of a stout 300WM, not something I would want to shoot all afternoon. Just my thought's for what there worth and good to have you back.

Pat <>
USA - Monday, November 16, 1998 at 11:07:35 (EST) 

.338 Lapua is available in the Sako TRG-41 (SWS) and the TRG-S hunting rifle, the first being expensive, the second not too much. I don't like the single position feed mag on these rifles, you can't top off the mag from the ejection port, you must remove the mag from the rifle to fill. I also don't like the new recoil lug. The rem ultra mags are a rip off of the Dakota cartridge line, they are based on the .404 Jeffrey case and fit an 06 length action, the Lapua is on a .416 Rigby case and fits an H&H mag action, the Lapua has more case capacity. Clymer has Lapua improved reamers, and .338/.416 Rigby reamers, but you will need the longer action for the later one, BRNO and Heym make these extra long actions in Mauser style if you don't like the Weatherby. The .338/.416 is just a .338/.378 Wby without the belt and the venturi shoulder. I would really like to do a .338 on a .500 Jeff case, all the capacity you need for a .338 bore and it fits in an H&H length action. BTW- where is the resident .338 man Russell???

Rich <>
WA USA - Monday, November 16, 1998 at 15:34:03 (EST) 

To:Rich. WA/USA
You had some interesting observations on the .338 Lapua and others.
For a number of years I have used the .338 cal. for long range target shooting and hunting.I have used the 338WM, 340W'by Mag,338 Lapua, and
others. In my opinion the 338 caliber is one of the best for long
range work. My favourit is the .340 W'by Mag. With a long enough
barrel ( 27-29"} you get 2900-3100fps., which will be very close to
any wildcat you can dream of. Efficiency here is an issue.
The 250 gr bullet in various configurations seem to work well, for all kind of targets. If anybody has any experiences with the 300 gr.
Sierra , let me know. Boy , do I miss the opinions of Russell!

British Columbia, Canada
Hans <>
B.C. CANADA - Wednesday, November 18, 1998 at 02:52:27 (EST) 

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