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Rifles - Windrunner from First Defense International:

Does anyone have any information, comments on a rifle I saw on line called the "Windrunner" by First Defense International ? If so I would appreciate a post online or an e-mail response.

Thanks for your time
Ward Weaire

Ward M. Weaire <>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 22:59:46 (ZULU) 

WIND RUNNER....1,000 YARD ACCURACY.....50MM ? Does any one have any information on this particular sniper rifle. I've contacted the website of the distributor/manufacturer and have not recieved a reply ? The company is called First Defence International and they "claim" to be a manufacturer of various tactical & military hardware, however their "lack" of a timely response makes me wonder, not only about the company, but on the specifications of the rifle as well.
Ward MWeaire <wweaire@hotmail>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Friday, January 29, 1999 at 11:26:13 (ZULU) 
WINDRUNNER FROM FIRST DEFENCE ( Here are more specifications on this rifle. I've yet to find any other information on the manufacturer or on the rifle itself. Any help would be appreciated. I've left a message for the company in Cal. (got their answering machine) but no e-mail response form them as yet. Very questionable ?????

Specifications: *** (Breakdown Version )***

MOA: 1/2 MOA @ 1,000 yards
Range: Effective range 3,000 yards
Caliber: 50 cal
Scope: Leupold MK4Ml- 16 x Power
Ammo: Mance Bore Riddle Bullet- 765 gr- 253 gr. of N-29
Velocity: 2,878 fps
Weight: 29 lbs
Barrel: 28", 1-15 twists, 8 lands and 8 grov
Mag: 5 shots
Barrel Composition: 4104 chromoly steel, heat treated to 42 Rockwell
Trigger: Remmington 2-5 lbs.
Angle: 1" minute of angle @ 1,000 yards
Available in 14.5, 15 or 20 mm.

Pictures of this beast are available at the website
Ward M.Weaire <>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 10:55:16 (ZULU) 

Hey Ward:In case you didn't know,.50 BMG rounds are prohibited munitions in Canada.If you try to buy one of these things it will never get past Canada Customs and they'll likely ream you a new asshole for trying to import the rifle in the first place.

You wouldn't believe the grief I took from Customs and the Quebec Provincial Police when I bought my 11.5" Bushmaster AR-15 upper.I waited for about 3 months for it and I had to talk to variety of police people.customs officers,and people at External Affairs.

By the time I finally got the upper, it was very clear that the police had tested the thing out as the barrel was dirty and the case deflector had wear on it.

Jeff Babineau <>
Truro, N.S., Canada - Saturday, January 30, 1999 at 12:28:26 (ZULU) 

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