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Russian NOD:


a friend showed me a night vision sight last night.
Its of Russian Manufacture and has a infrared laser as part of the whole unit over the objective. Adjustment is conventional, but the laser is used for both lighting and as a reticle/aim point.

Optics look like they came from a camera, and picture quality is a little better than Gen I US.
We were able to "paint" a comunications tower that is 400 Meters away with the laser and still pick it up clearly in the sight.

We´ll use it next weekend when we go out to train our Sniperbabies.
I´ll compare it against my Leupold 3,5-10 LR and will come back with info.

Problem one is that it is an aktive unit, no two is that I dont know how dangerous the laser is, were carefull at the moment.

Torsten <>
Germany - Wednesday, December 02, 1998 at 07:23:22 (EST) 

Attention on deck! I read on a now unrecoverable web site that it has been discovered that some of the Russian NODs that are being marketed may pose a danger to the user through dangerous emmisions through the eyepiece. I think there might be some validity to this as we had to turn in our AN/TVS-4's back in the 1980-81 timeframe to have filters installed due to the same problem. Anyone else hear about this?

gooch <>
USA - Wednesday, December 02, 1998 at 14:28:26 (EST) 

on the subject of russian NODS, i wouldnt use any of the 1st or 2nd gen stuff. when i was in the army we got to use a few of the warsaw pact stuff but all of us complained of headaches after using them for a while. a message from Aberdeen Proving Ground came out finally on the potential hazards of using Warsaw Pact NODS in training because of the unfiltered tubes. dont ask me what sppectrum of light they emitted, but i can assure you the headaches were a major a**kicker. as far as the "new" russian surplus, i cant tell you anything about that.

kudu out
allen <>
USA - Thursday, December 03, 1998 at 18:28:29 (EST) 

Re: Russian NVD's...

For awhile, the FDA actually wasnt allowing them into the US, because
of emitted radiation...

Personally, the tubes arent built well, optics are terrible.

Capt Jeff <>
redmond, wa USA - Thursday, December 03, 1998 at 20:09:06 (EST) 

Gooch, re: TVS-4s. I turned in a bunch of ours from C/2-16 Inf. (the big one's with the tripod for spotting artillery, etc.) in 1980 for the MWO. They came back with a green aluminum ring around part of the eyepiece to indicate the MWO had been installed. Without the modification you were supposedly at risk for eye damage if you used the device for more than 24 hours per year.

Best Regards,
Paul J. Headlee <>
Ogden, KS USA - Thursday, December 03, 1998 at 22:07:18 (EST) 

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