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Scope Mounts - MWG:

2. For the money, are MWG bases and rings adequate for SMTC activities (should I get the chance to go)? Will be installed on PSS if it ever gets here.

Bolt <>
USA - Friday, January 22, 1999 at 23:42:33 (ZULU) 


You asked if MWG rings and bases were adequate. I have a set and I think they'll do fine. Very well made. Very strong. Now if I can just find a way to get to SMTC sometime this year.....

Jeff A.
Jeff A. <>
Smyrna, Ga, USA - Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 18:13:09 (ZULU) 

Bolt, the MWG rings are great, they have tapered bases now as well. I have moaned about the Mark IV rings quite a bit in the past, but I have no complaints about the MWG rings, I even use them on my hunting rifles now. Call them up and talk about what you want to use the rings on, they are very down to earth with none of that "we are the best and we know it" crap you get from a certain scope manufacturer.

Rich <>
WA, USA - Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 02:09:51 (ZULU) 

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