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Scopes - Technology of Reticle?:

Gooch: I believe the only real difference between the old M3 Ultra known to all as the M3A or M3 Alpha and the newer Mk4 M3 is that the Alpha had a glass etched reticle. I believe this glass reticle was done away with for fear of reflection. While the glass etched reticle is stronger than wire, someone must have thought the issue worrisome enough to go with the wire reticle in the Mk4 M3. At least that is the poop I have heard, true or not I can not confirm. Other than this, I do not believe there is any difference in the scopes other than nomenclature.

Scott <>
USA - Monday, November 30, 1998 at 23:18:52 (EST) 

Otay, here is what I beleive to be the deal on the M3A and M3 MkIV reticles. All military MkIV M3A's and old M3A Ultra's have the etched glass round mildot reticle. All commercial Leupolds have the stamped wire as they are made by Premier Reticle. I think Leupold does thier own etched glass reticles.

The advantage to the wire is that you do not get any reflection off of the flat reticle glass when it is hit with an laser anti-sniper optic detection device. The reticle is the only absolutley flat piece of glass in the scope which will do this. The other curved lenses defract it. Also a wire reticle might stay cleaner over the years. A glass reticle can gather dust spects and metal shavings etc (what ever is floating around inside of the scope)on it.

Having said all of that I prefer the round dots to the ovals. Reticles with .2 mil round dots can be easily broken down into tenths of a mil (.1) while the ovals (.25 mil) are broken down into eigths (.125). The math is easier with tenths and the breakdown is finer.

gooch <>
USA - Tuesday, December 01, 1998 at 15:26:14 (EST) 

Bach - Mark IVs and Ultras have the same objective lens size. The Ultra came in M1, M2, M3, and M3A models. The M2 was a waste of material and very hard to find now. The M3 was a limited production run with 1 MOA windage turrets. I think SOTIC has the most of those in one spot. We seldom use them. While the etched glass may catch debris faster than the wire, and there is a case for laser reflection, I would take the laser etching over the wire any day. Just don't look at electro optical devices! They will do your eyes in. A quick point for the laser crowd. Some guys use lasers that are eye safe to 35 meters. Closer than 35 meters they are not eye safe. Well that laser when observed through a 10x scope is now not eye safe until past 350 meters! That is why I do not point my scope towards any eletro optical device.

Scott - The military scopes all have the round laser reticles. It is only you poor civies stuck with the wire footballs, yuck!! Leupold made that decision, because they did not want to be directly associated with the killing of humans, (except when there is a hugh military contract involved!).

Rick <>
Fayetteville, NC USA - Tuesday, December 01, 1998 at 18:16:38 (EST) 

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