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Also, looking for experience pro / con on the US Optics line of scopes. I have done the Leupold and B&L Mil Dot in the past, so any direct comparo would be appreciated.

Bruce <>
USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 16:58:06 (ZULU) 

Bruce: Concerning US Optics scopes, I own 3, they are excellent. Only drawback is it may take a lot longer than the 120 days they claim to receive them.
Tony Y
Iselin, NJ, USA - Monday, February 15, 1999 at 04:22:05 (ZULU) 
Old Dog: I asked the same question about US Optics some time ago of a Dr. David Rodman, an MD and professor in ophthamology in Buffalo, NY, with a side-line in precision rifles and scopes. He had some experience with USO scopes at the "Super Sniper Shootout" in Boca Raton. While he had high praise for the scopes' optical quality, they exhibited some mechanical problems during the match. Several users had problems with the USO mounts being mechanically unreliable, leading to shifting zeroes. The turrets were also difficult to use and had a tendancy to freeze. Other than that, they worked fine and had "very very excellent" quality glass. (In line with David's day job, he has high standards for optical quality.)
Grasshopper <>
Richmond, CA, USA - Tuesday, February 16, 1999 at 19:33:11 (ZULU) 


On scopes, I like the new US Optics Socom they have just released. It is a straight ten power, 1/4moa adjustments, Adjustable Objective, 30mm tube, 130 moa adjustment and built like a tank. Retail is less than a MK4 and it has far better optics. It is going on my new rifle by GA Precision(George Gardner)I am calling "The Rock", because you will be able to break rocks with it.

MikeMiller <>
Calif, USA - Friday, August 04, 2000 at 16:15:04 (ZULU) (your host address:

I think that Mike is talking about their new "ST-10." It has a 30mm tube and a 44mm objective and it is only 12.2" long. All this and it retails for $795! I would add the adjustable objective for another $200 definitely and maybe the lit reticle another $185 if I had the spare $$. But for $995 it is a rocking scope! I even think that they have them sitting on the shelf ready to go. And no, as you know I don't work for them! I just like their stuff and use it!

Michael Sheehan <>
Needing a bravo brew!, CA, USA - Friday, August 04, 2000 at 17:58:19 (ZULU) (your host address:


How do you like the US Optics ST-10 10x model scope ? How does it compare to the SN6 and SN3 scopes ? Size, weight, materials, reticle etc ? How do the optics compare to their primo scopes ? Are you going to use US Optics base and rings or something else ? My last SN6 that I mounted on my 300 win mag I had made in 12x and I used a US Optics quick release one piece mount with level bubble. The rings and removable mount peice are all in one. The rings have 3 screws on each side of the rings for locking the scope in place and are about twice the width of MK4 or US optics standard rings. As long as you remember which position you placed it on the rail when you zeroed it always comes back to zero when you remove. Only negative is wieghs a lot more than rings.
TonyY <>
Iselin, NJ, USA - Friday, August 04, 2000 at 18:09:42 (ZULU) (your host address:

This is not a ST96 scope! It is something new. It has a 30mm tube, 44mm adjustable objective and the same optics as the SN6. No lit reticle option is available. It has a glass etched reticle that is the same as the one on the ST96, but the internals are the new for 2000 SN series up graded ones. This is a great deal on a scope for a grand. US Optics has decided to give Leupold a run for the money.

If any of you question the quality of US Optics, I used a SN3 3.2x17, on a NorCal 308 sniper rifle, to shoot in what I thought was a sniper rifle 200 yard match. I was one of the few that showed up without machine rests (front and rear) and a bench rest rifle. I shot 168 factory loads off a bipod and rear sand bag against the bench resters and finished second. Most everyone else had 1/8 moa adjustment 36 power scopes to see flies at 200. The darn flies were smaller than my reticle, so I just took a line of black and adjusted into the target. Without the crystal clear US Optics I would not have been able to see anything.

MikeMiller <>
Calif, USA - Friday, August 04, 2000 at 22:16:50 (ZULU) (your host address:

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