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Shooting on a Slope

...And is this right? When
slope doping, it does NOT matter what range your scope is set at. I got this out of Plaster's
ULTIMATE SNIPER, but want to make sure that this is right before making charts.

D. West
USA - Sunday, September 27, 1998 at 00:53:23 (EDT)

D West. If Plasters book says what you said it says, burn it. WHen shooting at angles you
need the map distance not straight line distance. In otherwords, Imagine you the shooter
being in a high rise building and the target is sitting on a park bench at street level. You
use a laser range finder from your pos and determin that he is 220 yards away at a angle of
35 degrees slant. By using a calculator (Line of sight distance x cosine of firing angle) or
using a mildot master (from mildot enterprises) you determine that the correct distance to
put on the scope is 180 yds.

Shooting up or down, you will always hit high if you don't correct for slope.

I collaborated on a book called "The Military and Police Sniper" with Mike Lau of Texas
Brigade Armory which has a good explaination of this. You can get the book through
Tactical Shooter or Precision Shooter magazine.

Gooch out.

gooch <>
Sherwood, Ar USA - Sunday, September 27, 1998 at 14:57:08 (EDT)

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