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Has anyone had any experience using the Choate "Ultimate Sniper" stock designed by Major Plaster? I currently have a Rem. 700 VS fitted with a Shilen trigger and a Leupold 10X Mk.IV. I am considering purchasing one of these stocks for this rifle and would like to hear about any experience using it from others. Also my condolences to Mrs. Hathcock, we lost a great man and it was and honer to have met him in the past.
Rick I. <>
Disputanta, Virginia, USA - Sunday, February 28, 1999 at 02:47:13 (ZULU) 

Rick I.
I got a choate stock about a year ago and I like it.I am using it on a 7mm rem mag savage. The stock is a bit heavy at just under 6lbs. Its very stable in the prone with a bipond. It has a very nice bedding block. Its easy to customize the hand grip to fit you.The recoil pad is to hard but can be replaced with a softer one.Fit and finsh is fair, you may need to do a little triming.If you are not thinging of using camo on the end of the stock you should look at choates varmint stock.Its little lighter and doesnt have the long funney looking forend.It should work a little better with sand bags and a rest than the sniper stock does.

CJ <>
New Castle , DE, USA - Sunday, February 28, 1999 at 22:03:40 (ZULU) 

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