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"Cool" being a sniper?  And visiting SC?:

i just wanted to say that snipers still dont get the respect they need .if u look back who was it that killed all the mofrackers in history it was snipers not some crazy m-60 holding SOB that shoots at every thing that looks like it would move no its the guys that wait for days till they might see silver on the shoulder of a man to destroy him now who is better here.i know i may only be 17 but i have been shooting and learning about snipers since i was 12 and hell maybe not enough years to compete with some of you with ur .308's but i can track'em like hell

nashville, TN USA - Friday, November 27, 1998 at 16:01:31 (EST) 

At Ease there Miller! ;-)
Those guys on the M60's have a job and do it well. Even if they hit less per round they save a lot of infantry butt in the process. Nothing like shear volume for fire suppression. While a sniper might strike fear into the heart of enemy, the machine gunner is the guy who has to face the horde and if deployed properly, he controls the battlefield. Right behind artillery. And air cover. And straight legs who have to hold it. The point is no one is "more" special than the other. Each specialized in a given trade and each may feel he is particularly HOT due to his specialized training, but they are all part of a greater whole. One is not "cooler" than the other. Just different. I know you are young so I will add this: War ain't cool. A troop may enjoy his training and be damn good at what he does. He may even like his job and be gung-ho as heck at it. But it ain't "cool". He may even say "cool!" when he pops the head off of an officer at 400 yards, but the next day he may be sleeping in shit while a world of 155mm hurt is hurling down on his skinny little noggin. The sniper is just another troop with special training. He is not "better" than a machine gunner or Arty maggot. He is just a different extention of the mission of success. I grew up reading the same books you have. I probably felt the same way when I was 17. But since then I have gotten some perspective. ALL the troops are important. Even those chucklehead REMFs who just happen to keep us fed.

Something to think about; Think of the German machine gunner in Normandy circa June 15, 1944. Our troops feared the german sniper but they died enmasse from the German machine gunner. Who stopped us in the bocage most often? The machine gunner. Who held up our advance toward St. Lo? The machine gunner. Who scared the piss out of the average troop every time he cut loose with 1200 rpms from his MG-42?

Not to bust on you (the exhuberance of youth has its place!) but I know too many young guys who think in terms like those you expressed. Sniping is not about being better than your fellow troops. It is about doing your job well to help your fellow troops.

Scott <>
USA - Friday, November 27, 1998 at 16:42:38 (EST) 

Mister younger than 18 and not even supposed to be here Miller. With an attitude like this I doubt if you have the patience do do the job of a sniper. My first MOS in the Marines was that of 0331, Machine-gunner. Different weapon, different mission. When the shit hits the fan, the grunts love that machine-gun. We are one big team man.

gooch <>
USA - Friday, November 27, 1998 at 17:26:38 (EST) 

Master Miller: Before you can contemplate being an exceptional shooter, you have to learn how to pay attention and learn to follow instructions. Pay attention to your English teacher in school, so you learn proper spelling, punctuate correctly, and use capitals letters when they are appropriate. Next learn to follow instructions, which you obviously did not. If you would have read the introduction to Sniper Country it does specifically state that you must be 18 years of age. And what the hell are "mofrackers". We can only imagine? Are you one of those misfits who wear their pants at half mast and do your parents know where you are at this time?

Al Ostapowicz <>
A little disturbed in the Grand Republic of , Ohio USA - Friday, November 27, 1998 at 19:55:49 (EST) 

I am a thirteen year old shooter. I am interested in being a sniper when I get older. I guess I'm a pretty good shot, I can do a tw>> ch grouping from 100 yards. I own a .243 and help my dad reload bullets. I clean the pirmer pockets and have made my own set of match bullets before. I guess that all my teachers would think I was wierd if I said that I wanted to be a sniper but that's what I want to do. I enjoy reading a lot of things about snipers and I own the movie Sniper which I watch about nine million times a day. If you have any interesting information please E-mail it to me.
Big Sniper <>
Ninety Six, SC USA - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 18:59:50 (EST) 
Well Big Sniper; Your probably going to get a lecture from one of the board members that operate this site about the fact that you seem to have ignored the warning about being 18 years of age to enter here. Now that is none of my business since I'm not involved in the management of the site and quite honestly I don't like it all that it is politically incorrect for an Old Geezer like me to encourage you in something that might result in your taking someone's life with a rifle. I find it commendable that you and your dad are involved in shooting and are interested in the art of making a bullet go where you want it too. There are many misguided kids in this country that are trying to do the same thing for the purpose of conducting gang warfare and I trust that is not your case. Your are quite correct to assume that your teachers will think it unusual to the point you would probably be recommended for counseling should you let it be known that you watch "Sniper" over and over. Now my friend I want you to know that I do not. But you do realize that society is not made up of folk like me. One of the best traits of a Sniper is that he is a bit on the Covert (secret) side about what he does and he doesn't brag it around. Sniping involves a lot of things that Hollywood doesn't tell you. I'm not going to lecture you but your interest may change when you find out the whole truth. It is really quite boring most of the time and very uncomfortable all tesn'ime followed by a period of shear terror after the shot. Did it go right? Will I be discovered and wiped out? Will I be prosecuted? Did I kill the hostage? You may be called upon to risk your life and most likely will never receive as much as a thank you. Remember the Mission impossible thing? If you get caught they don't know you! If your in Law Enforcement and you make a mistake they don't know you either!
The moral here my friend is "Be careful what you wish for...Cause you might get it." On the other hand enjoy your rifle and stay close to your dad! This is the best time of your life. Keep on shooting and learning and if it is a Sniper you be you will know it! A real good Sniper would not have MISSED that thing about being 18 years old though! Good Luck and what ever you do! Do it with honor and commitment to Freedom and right and you will be successful and happy.
IF things get too heavy though mail us off line and we'll try to help!
B.Rogers <>
USA - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 21:48:15 (EST) 
Big Sniper, AKA (under 18 years old)

There's a article here at Sniper Country just for you.
Then click on (COMMENTARY)

It's not going to taste too good, but it's what you're looking for.
And for God's sake, stay in school!!!
D. West <>
Oh, so cold here, in IL. USA - Thursday, January 07, 1999 at 22:10:29 (EST) 

I recently read a post from a thirteen year-old boy who says that he wants to be sniper and one of the replies that he got from B. Rogers was pretty cool, instead of harassing him about not paying attention to the 18 years old thing he encouraged him to stay with his rifle and his dad. I think that you should reconsider being a sniper. Always have somethiing to fall back on. I'm not saying don't become a sniper, just think about the labor that goes into it. I myself am 20 years old and I am in the National Guard. There was a lot of hell to go through. I would like to become a sniper, but I know a hell of a lot about guns and reloading. I know a bit about uncomfortable waiting, if you consider waiting for seven hours in 26 degrees weather for a deer to show himself TRUE waiting. I own a few quality rifles and I also own a .243 Rifle. I "named" is Stainless Painless. Their is an art to shooting and not anyone can do it. Not too long ago I was right where you are. I was 17 and wondering if i should go into the National Guard. I decided to do it and now I am proud of myself and I encourage you to be a sniper, but don't do it so you can kill someone do it so you can save someone. The fact that you watch Sniper over and over is kind of unsettling. Real sniping is nothing like that. I am not a sniper myself but I would like to be. I know that if you get caught then your finger will not be merely twisted off, but your entire head will be twisted off. And sleeping in a nasty swamp won't help you live any longer. I hope that you think about what I have just written.
J.K. Crawford <>
USA - Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 00:14:24 (EST) 
I just sent an email to "Big Sniper", and then thought I'd betterpost the mail here, so other kids of like mind can also benefit from it.




I only saw your post on the Sniper Country Duty Roster just now. I do not live in the United States, but the site does reside there. And, as far as I can understand, the sort of information on this site is not supposed to be for people of your age. If you showed sense I most probably would not even have bothered mailing you, but I am afraid you didn't show such in your post to the Duty Roster.

Watching the movie "Sniper" so often? Not that I believe 9 million times a day, more like once a week maybe. Even then - WHY? Do you know what it is to kill? Not to kill like a normal soldier in war would - firing at the enemy and hoping to kill some, but searching out ONE SPECIFIC TARGET, and WATCHING THAT PERSON DIE?!? I doubt it!! It is not good, not good at all. IT IS UGLY, VERY UGLY, and you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life with that thought, seeing that face. Did he/she have a spouse? Children? Was there some loved one somewhere? Now waiting for him/her never to return?

I suggest you go away from Sniper Country, and only return when you have come to your senses, but only after you've read the following article on the site:
An SC Article

Seriously, you need to get your priorities right, or you're going to cause your parents great grief.



Marius Ferreira <>
RSA - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 16:09:32 (EST) 

To that youngster that wants to be a sniper at 13. Perhaps your father has an opinion on that. I can't beleive how smart my old man got once I was old enough to realize it. If you don't think taking another person's life has some ramifications, if you have no problem with this, talk to someone about it. Your father, mother, an uncle...
Best of luck, and whatever you do, be the best at it.
Hey, didn't Tom Berenger's character say " The only one that counts is the first one." ? Be sure you know what he meant.
Jim Liles <>
PDX, OR USA - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 20:32:35 (EST) 
To the Big Sniper:

Listen to the people who are or were snipers, not who acted as one , played make believe on some movie. Sure it seems real and fantastic, but being a sniper is 99.9% mental, and the movies don't show that. They show spectacular shots and kills, and man wouldn't it be cool to do that. But the movies don't show the aftermath, not of the victim or his family, but of the soldier himself. Twenty years after his tour in Vietnam, I was 14 years old, was the first time my father spoke to me of what had happened over there. He slept about 2-3 hours a night if he was lucky, and even then it was like he had never left the war, and that is because the war never leaves you, you never forget. There is NO way to prepare for that experience that no one would wish upon anyone else. The movies will never tell the story that a true sniper can, they will never see it thru their eyes, and never believe that they will.
JR <>
rapid city, sd USA - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 23:11:51 (EST) 

Hey everbody,

I'm new to this duty roster thingy so bear with me. What's nagging at me is this business about Big Sniper. I have to agree on the age thing. But please, all i ask is that you cut the kid some slack. Everybody's got to have a dream. About the movie: i think you should've busted on the writer/director or whatever of the movie before busting on the Big Sniper. I mean, the kid can't help it that some bozo totally screws up the whole subject of sniping. That's what you guys and his dad are here for. To help him through all that. To set him straight. (When he turns 18 of course). Yeah, i know it's a young age to be considering stuff like that. But kids literally absorb stuff. Now would be the perfect chance to keep him in line about what it's all really about. If he changes his mind, fine. More power to him. If he doesn't, then maybe you guys can help make him a fine fellow marksman.

Other than that, i really admire the communication you guys have here. It's like one big happy family. Kinda makes ya feel a warm and fuzzy inside.

Jumoli <>
USA - Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 01:48:18 (EST) 

Oh I forgot to post earlier, those that have a fascination with any conceivable glory involved with taking a life, spend a week watching "Life in the ER" on cable, run with a ambulance crew some weekend, or peruse a text like "Gunshot Wounds".
That should be enough to switch thoughts back to paper or metal targets.

DAZED n CONFUSED IN, bY-gAWd USA - Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 12:42:41 (EST) 

I am also a kid, don't think that I am Big Sniper because I don't want everyone getting mad at him. I also like shooting. I am a tomboy as you would call it. I was wondering what you would do if we didn't stay off the site. What are you going to do arrest us? What gives you the right to tell us what to do? I AM NOT BIG SNIPER SO DO NOT THINK THAT!
Big Sniper II <>
USA - Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 15:56:36 (EST) 
Big SniperII (Cheerleader69) read my post at 12:42 hrs TODAY,

We don't need adolescent challenges. Most of us have kids and want them protected from danger and irresponsible actions.

I was a kid once, believe it or not, and when I went with my dad to get ammo for formal shooting matches, reloading components etc. etc All those "fat old boys" hanging at the gunstore used to give me a hard time.
I usually left feeling angry and humiliated, but I know for a fact and proved their mouths could not match their skill, (or mine) on more than one occassion. I practiced as often as my allowance and fathers generousity made practical.

By all means shoot and shoot often, with your parents supervision,

Maturity is shown by actions not words, if you have not picked up on that from this wonderful web site, STAFFERS, and the Duty Roster regulars.

TUPPERWARE CITH AHHHHHHHHHHH, bY-gAWD USA - Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 17:18:36 (EST) 

Lil sniper girl. Good attitude, bad judgment. THis isnt the place for you.

gooch <>
Elk Garden , WV USA - Wednesday, January 13, 1999 at 17:34:30 (EST) 

RE: Young'uns amongst us....

I agree with the policy of "18 or older" for liability concerns, but even that is not a guarantee that some older psychotic will not come in and gather information.

Big Sniper I and II both seem to be innocent enough on the surface, but in light of recent attacks at schools in Arkansas, Oregon, and Kentucky, we all need to be cautious.

An unfortunate truth to the Internet and web sites is that anyone can access them, unless some sort of Age Verification System is used. I have only seen those AVSs used on "Adult Entertainment" sites, to keep the kiddies from seeing porno.

The other side of the coin is that youngsters represent both the future of the shooting sports and the future of politics. (I know: the collective GROAN starts now) We cannot afford to alienate youngsters. Instead of jumping down their throats, maybe we can do something more civil and recommend that they participate in the NRAs Junior Shooter programs. I think that we would all agree that we would like kids to shoot, but we want to keep their interests in areas that are less involved in the "social work" of the business.

Bruce Braxton <>
College Park P.D., GA USA - Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 08:16:35 (EST) 

Big SniperII,
The incident that happened to you is a perfect example of why they dont want kids on this sight. If you or someone else made the comment doesn't matter. The comment on Gooch only goes to prove that there isn't the maturity there to handle many of the topics discussed on this sight and your comment about "what are you going to do arrest me" shows that maybe you also need more maturing. I think its great that you are interested in shooting but stay with the other shooting sports for now and wait until you older to visit us. I hope you will understand and continue to develop not only your shooting skills but in maturity as well as Bruce said you are our future. Good Luck!!

Pat <>
USA - Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 09:31:16 (EST) 

Warning: This is not a technical post! Well, maybe a little. First, it seems to me that the rub between all the old, grizzled snipers here and the young kids is motivated by perspective. The kids are curious, so they visit sites like this one but they are also undeveloped and pretty cocky. They are ultra-sensitive to perceived disrespect. Remember all the fist fights we used to get into in the school hallways? I can remember having a similar attitude. These kids have accomplished nothing and they are dying for some validation Then there's us who've served a lot of time in the field and in tough positions of responsibility. Some of us take it personally when we feel that our credibility is being called into question. I know I do. These kids do not have the mental and emotional equipage to fully comprehend the gravity of some of our accomplishments. If they want to call us names on the internet, so what? They wouldn't do it to our faces more than once. We all know this deep down inside. I say remove the posts because they do not further the purpose of this forum. Its like keeping spent primers on your garage floor. They're worthless and you get rid of them. Freedom of Speech? This website is privately owned. Some of these kids will go on to do what we have done, in some cases more, and they will assume our positions and prejudices as the new crop of young smart asses disrespect them.

Paul J. Headlee <the wife's got the computer at college>
Ogden, KS USA - Friday, January 15, 1999 at 01:37:04 (EST) 

Relevancy again maybe but I just saw where the City of New Orleans sued every gun maker in sight for building these dangerous things called guns. So Kids... I hope you can understand why we can't do a lot of exchanges about things the law says you can't own till your 18! I know we have a 1st ammendment and all that but it is about as bonafide as the second ammendment these days. I wonder why in the heck they would put up with the likes of us anyway! Some of these birds are so elite they won't even talk to each other you shouldn't find it that strange! I hear the tape store has sniper on special for a dollar today!

B.Rogers <>
USA - Friday, January 15, 1999 at 05:07:40 (EST) 

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